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  1. How are the codes given out?
  2. We have sponsors that are willing to provide us with enough funds to give out the codes for free.

  3. When do I get my code?
  4. Once you complete a survey, you will download a sweepstakes entry form. Complete that, and you're entered! You will be notified if you win.

  5. How do I complete an offer or survey?
  6. It's actually really easy. Make sure you use legitimate information as you are doing the survey. This will ensure that it will credit.

  7. The surveys aren't working! What's wrong?
  8. Just keep trying! Sometimes they don't unlock at first, but they will unlock eventually.

  9. Are the surveys from legitimate companies?
  10. Yes, your information will be 100% safe. Have no fear when you are doing them. They're all from reputable companies from around the country.